Post Oak Ranch runs a commercial meat goat operation located in Bixby, Oklahoma. While the ranch primarily raises pure Spanish breeding stock from the Kensing line,  we also make use of the hardiest animals in our main Post Oak line. Our herd is primarily comprised of pure Kensing Spanish does; however, we also run anywhere from 30 to 60 head of Spanish/Kiko crosses. The focus the last two years has been on the Post Oak and Kensing Spanish lines. Generally we have between 100 - 175 commercial does. Our breeding bucks come and go depending on the number of doelings we keep for future breeding stock. It’s not fancy or sophisticated, but a plan designed to produce hardy, parasite resistant stock for meat goat production.

We started with Boer crosses and experienced the typical problems with parasites, poor mothering skills, and goats that didn’t know how to forage. Oklahoma is tough on goats, sweltering hot in the Summer and pretty cold about two months of the Winter.

Then we began breeding Spanish/Kiko goats because of their abilities to forage, stay healthy, and stay considerably resistant to pretty much everything nature could throw at them. The Spanish and Kiko genetics were a tremendous advantage over the typical Boer cross.


Then, we began focusing on producing goats that are capable of self-maintenance with little to no human care. The results of this intensive culling and selection process can be seen in our Post Oak line of goats. The breeding stock for these animals was hand-picked and carefully monitored for the quality of their genetics in parasite resistance, kidding, mothering abilities, and body size.

Our focus is on raising goats that are basically ignored most of the time. They don’t have toys, grooming, or talent lessons - just rocks and weeds! We offer free choice minerals and only worm animals that are otherwise incapable of survival. If a goat requires repeat attention, they are taken to a nearby sale barn. The does kid in the brush and sometimes we don’t even know we have new kids for a few days to a week, depending on the mother. Some does keep the kids hidden for a while to protect them from predators.

We like the idea of using real-life methods to select breeding stock rather than pedigrees and bloodlines. We don’t sell papers and pedigrees - we sell sound genetics! Commercial breeders need goats that thrive and survive in today’s environment. That goal can’t be reached without a focused decision to only breed animals that are capable of taking care of themselves.